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October 2, 2011

WELL, WE’LL KNOW TUESDAY: Even The Experts Can’t Call West Virginia’s Gubernatorial Race. “This unsettled race matches acting Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin, 59, against Republican Bill Maloney, 52, of Morgantown. Tomblin is a teacher and businessman from Chapmanville who spent 36 years in the legislature. Maloney, an industrial engineer and drilling company owner, is making his first run for political office. . . . Analysts consider Tomblin and Maloney, conservatives with similar campaign platforms, to be likeable candidates. Yet this election, they say, might not be about just the candidates. It could be colored by anti-incumbency filtering down from an increasing dislike of Washington’s economic and domestic policies.”

The key question: “People have been voting for Democrats in this area for generations, and where’s it gotten them?” Well, a whole bunch of buildings named after Robert Byrd, for one thing.

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