September 27, 2011

LUCKILY, SHE’S NOT A REPUBLICAN SO IT’S NO BIG DEAL: Hey, Let’s Cancel The Elections! You know, there were some Bush-deranged Democrats who claimed Bush would cancel the 2008 elections, but there weren’t any high-ranking Republican officeholders saying idiotic stuff like this.

UPDATE: Democrats Oppose Democracy. “The press assures us that she was just kidding. I would modestly submit that suspending elections is not something an elected executive should kid about.”

Tar and feathers is the traditional remedy for excessive “kidding” along these lines.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Charles Austin isn’t buying the press spin: “The self-proclaimed guardians of democracy can’t lose their power soon enough.”

They’re bigger on the self-proclaiming than on the democracy-guarding.

MORE: Reader Don Noone emails:

So, the Governor of North Carolina is suggesting we suspend having elections, huh? Pollster Pat Caddell has said America is in a “pre-revolutionary” mood. Gee, I wonder why that is…

Why, indeed?

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