September 10, 2011


CNN asks a question that we can expect to hear more and more in the coming years: are jobs obsolete? . . .

Maybe what’s becoming obsolete is not jobs per se, but the idea that they are something that you simply find.

Increasingly, perhaps, a job is something that we each have to create. We can’t count on someone else to create one for us. That model is disappearing. We have to carve something out for ourselves, something that the machines won’t immediately grab.

That sounds difficult, maybe even a little dangerous. We’re all comfortable with the idea of “finding” a job. We search for them; we hunt them; we land them. All of these images assume the job already exists.

But to create something new…what does that even mean?

Read the whole thing. The problem is, lots of people aren’t up to creating their own jobs. What will they do?

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