September 7, 2011

MICHAEL GRAHAM ON the Democrats’ uncivil discourse. “From now until November 2012, you’re going to hear political smears and rhetoric so violent it would get banned from an al-Qaeda Web site. And it’s all going to come straight from Hope And Change Central: the White House.”

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UPDATE: Post: Next, A Kneecapping?

When Jimmy Hoffa threatens to take you out, should you be worried?

Damned straight, even if the Hoffa hurling the threat is only the son of the notorious Teamster Union thug who disappeared in 1975, presumably to sleep with the fishes for eternity.

Jimmy Jr. runs the Teamsters now, and in Detroit on Monday he loudly declared war on Republicans: “President Obama, this is your army. We are ready to march. Let’s take these sons of bitches out.”

And not to the old ballgame, either.

Under the leadership of Hoffa the Elder, the Teamsters were synonymous with union corruption and organized crime. And so industrious was onetime US Attorney General Bobby Kennedy in trying to clean up the union that Teamsters actually cheered when Kennedy was murdered by Sirhan Sirhan in 1968.

How fascinating that then-Sen. Barack Obama — whom many Democrats saw as the second coming of RFK — won the Teamsters’ endorsement in 2008 by supporting an end to strict federal anti-corruption oversight of the union.


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