September 5, 2011

HOW’S THAT HOPEY-CHANGEY STUFF WORKIN’ OUT FOR YA? Gas $1/gallon more than last Labor Day weekend, causing tourists to stay home.

UPDATE: Reader Richard Aubrey writes:

Strikes me that in the early Seventies,prior to the oil shock, a gallon of gas was about one fifth to one sixth of an hourly minimum wage. Today, it’s about half, give or take a dime.

We had a used ’73 Impala for a while. Huge car, just what we needed.

to haul twins around with their stuff. Nice acceleration, considering that double-nickel had started about the time the thing was built and four-cylinders were completely adequate, at least for level ground.

Got twelve mpg.

So, let’s say that in the early Seventies, you could go twenty-five miles, mixed, for about one third of an hour’s minimum wage. Today, the same for about a half an hour’s minimum wage.

Who’s winning this one?

Not the citizenry.

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