August 28, 2011

ROGER KIMBALL: More irenic thoughts, or Obama as Dukakis.

A friend with a sense of humor sent me this reassuring story: “Obama Takes Charge at Hurricane Center.” “Now you can sleep well tonight,” he said. Hardly that. I mean really: does he look like a man who has a clue about what to do? Ponder the official NOAA name plate emblazoned with “Barack Obama President of the United States.” Why does that seem ridiculous? After all, he isthe President of the United States. Maybe it’s because it put me in mind of that iconic image of Mike Dukakis in his tank. Anyway, if it failed to be reassuring, it did introduce a welcome moment of levity.

Funny how often people with no sense of humor manage to do that.

UPDATE: From Skip Press on Facebook: “Funny how Hurricane Irene was slowing down, then Obama took over the hurricane center and it sped up.” He’s got the magic touch!

Meanwhile, I note that at least Dukakis looked like he was having fun in the tank.

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