August 23, 2011

A MAGNITUDE 5.9 earthquake in Virginia.

UPDATE: Readers felt it as far away as Baltimore, Delaware, and Lehigh, Pennsylvania.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Hard to believe, but reader Eric Halpern says he felt it in Hartford: “My vertical blinds were rocking back and forth, and we all came out of our offices to ask, ‘Did you feel that?'”

And reader Myron Hnatczuk writes: “FYI, the Pentagon actually shook for 4-5 seconds, then the cabinet doors and fluids in cups, etc. continued to sway for about another 30 seconds. Someone just told me that MSNBC was reporting that the Pentagon was being evacuated, but that is not true. Some people “rapidly exited’ the building when the shaking started, but most stayed inside. The engineers cleared the safety of the structure within 15 minutes, and all are back inside.”

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