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August 15, 2011

DAN MITCHELL: Warren Buffett’s Fiscal Innumeracy. “Buffett goes beyond guilt-ridden rants in favor of higher taxes. He makes specific assertions that are inaccurate.” I think he’s more disingenuous than innumerate. . . .

UPDATE: The Real Reason Warren Buffett’s Taxes Are Low.

Related: A Modest Economic Proposal: Eat Hollywood. Shared sacrifice, baby! Maybe we need a special excise tax on fractional-ownership schemes involving jets, too . . . .

Also: Why Warren Buffett Likes The Estate Tax. It’s like he’s shilling for his own narrow interests to a gullible press.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Arnold Kling weighs in: “His prescription is to raise taxes on capital income, otherwise known as savings. He is totally wrong about this. Editorial pages should stop coddling him by running his op-eds. The statistic I would like to see is the amount of tax paid relative to consumption. By that measure, it is possible that Buffett’s tax rate was more than 100 percent.”

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