August 14, 2011

GALLUP: Obama’s Job Approval Falls to 39%.

UPDATE: More here: “Gallup finds that Obama’s overall approval rating is down to 39%, the lowest of his Presidency. My gut tells me that whatever the polls tell me his approval rating is publicly, it’s probably a bit worse. I’m sure internal polling at the White House has them in a panic. In related news, CNN has a new poll that shows that democrats are backing Obama for renomination, but that democratic support for him is fading. . . . When’s the last time you saw polling about the prospect of an incumbent President even being the nominee? The fact that they’re even conducting this poll tells me that Obama’s in more trouble than maybe even we realize.”

ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader John Steakley writes:

This is all just battlefield prep for Obama’s “Comeback Kid” theme in 2012. The worse things appear now, the more they will appear to be improving a year from now.

Yeah, yeah, I know: “Cynical.”

So cynical, and so young.

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