August 10, 2011

RECALL UPDATE: Unions Lose Big In Wisconsin. “How did Republicans hold out? It hasn’t hurt that Walker’s reforms have dramatically helped school districts within the state save millions of dollars by abolishing the main Wisconsin teachers’ union’s insurance racket. Nor does it hurt that Wisconsin, under the business-friendly leadership of Walker and a Republican state legislature, created more than half of the jobs created in the United States during the month of June. . . . This marks the unions’ third huge defeat in Wisconsin this year. The other two were the passage of Walker’s bill and the re-election of David Prosser to the state Supreme Court. The grand talk of recalling Walker himself next year seems a bit blustery now, given the great failure of last night.”

Paper tigers. Now let’s see if any Democrats get recalled next week.

UPDATE: A reader emails: “Now that Big Labor has lost the Wisconsin recall fight, how long before their allies in Washington at DOJ or NLRB investigate the elections for discrimination and/or seek to preempt the underlying collective bargaining law?” Such a loss of faith in government. . . .

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