July 31, 2011


So… I’ve been reading Gawker. Y’know Gawker? Celebrities, sex, internet videos, gossip, that kind of shit. But Gawker has apparently gotten into politics more than I remember, and HOLY SH*T is the Left not dealing with the Tea Party thing very well.

I mean, I expect this kind of sh*t from Daily Kos, Huffington Post, and the New York Times (which says a thing or two about where the New York Times has gone in the last few decades). But the f*cks at Gawker, who snark at Angelina Jolie, want to put the Tea Party people on trial for Fiscal Terrorism (for not raising the debt ceiling). And apparently, by not supporting Pell Grants, you hate poor people, as opposed to realizing that government spending contributes to the higher education bubble (yes, I know the idea of government contributing to the higher education bubble doesn’t compute to these people, but seriously).

If they ever get around to rolling back the entitlement state, holy f*cking sh*t is it going to get ugly.

Wisconsin writ large.

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