July 22, 2011

VOX DAY: “Of course, Paul Krugman has no idea what he’s talking about. This is not a lesser depression, it is a larger depression. The full scale and scope simply isn’t apparent yet.” He could have stopped with the first sentence, really . . .

UPDATE: Moe Lane:

I’m honestly sorry to say this, but when you start your article with “Amanda Marcotte is right,” you’ve pretty much just taken your credibility, shot it in the back of the head, and are now frantically digging a hole to bury the corpse in before somebody comes to investigate the loud noise.

The ironic bit? Absent those Fatal Four Words, Krugman’s column might have been seen as a sign that the fever might be breaking: it can be summed up as Obama is actually… really, really uninterested in doing his job and isn’t any good at it, is he?


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