July 15, 2011

BYRON YORK: Energized By Debt Fight, A Battered Gingrich Pushes On.

When Obama says he can’t guarantee that Social Security checks will go out if there is no deal, Gingrich urges House Republicans “to pass a $100 billion cut with a $100 billion debt-ceiling increase, which takes care of all the Social Security checks in August. Say to the president, ‘OK, we’ve taken care of everybody who needs to get a check in August. Are you going to tell Senate Democrats to block it? Are you going to veto it?'” In North Charleston, it’s what the audience wants to hear.

I don’t know who will win the Republican nomination (and I doubt it will be Gingrich) but it’ll be someone who’s willing to stand up and fight. And that’s who’ll beat Obama, too. Nobody’s going to accommodate their way into the White House.

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