July 9, 2011

JONAH GOLDBERG ON SELECTIVE OUTRAGE: “Good Lord this is just one of the dumbest ‘gotchas’ in modern memory. I can only assume the adults at TPM regret running this in the first place. They probably got seduced by an exclusive ‘story’ and ran with it before thinking it through. That it hasn’t been picked up outside the more feverish leftwing blogs — so far — is a sign that TPM stepped in it. At least I hope that’s the case. Regardless, I think it reveals a certain level of desperation and panic on the left side of the aisle.”

Indeed. And, of course, it just lets people on the right side of the aisle issue reminders like this: Libs Outraged Over Paul Ryan’s $350 Bottle of Wine… But Were Silent When Nancy Pelosi Pounded Down $101,000 of Booze On “Pelosi One” …Update: And Obama Served $399 Bottles of Wine to Chi-Coms.

Which, in neither case, was paid for out of their own pockets, but rather by taxpayers. Unlike Paul Ryan’s wine. Which does make a difference.

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