July 7, 2011

BLUE ON BLUE: Richard Dawkins Gets into a Comments War with Feminists. “Richard Dawkins made an unexpected appearance in the comments section of biologist PZ Myers’ post at Scienceblogs.com last week. Myers was commenting on Rebecca Watson’s recent experience being propositioned in a hotel elevator by a male attendee of a conference at which Watson had just spoken in Dublin. Dawkins got himself into hot water by commenting in the form of a sarcastic letter to a Muslim woman, pointing out how trivial Watson’s experience in the elevator was compared to the abuses Muslim women deal with on a daily basis.”

But don’t worry, Richard: Vox Day’s got your back! I’m sure that’ll be a comfort. . . .

UPDATE: “When I read this, I mistakenly thought it said Richard Simmons. Actually, that would have been much more interesting.” Heh.

MORE: “All in all, it’s rather ironic that the atheist Watson ended up a devotee of feminism, the most intolerant religion of them all.”

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