July 1, 2011

YOU KNOW HOW PEOPLE SAY WE’D BE IN BIG TROUBLE WITHOUT GOVERNMENT INSPECTIONS? Pool Inspectors Failed To See Body At Site: “The permit for the state-run swimming pool where a woman’s body went unnoticed for more than two days this week had expired six months ago. A city health inspector who examined it Tuesday determined the water was cloudy, but did not see her remains resting on the bottom. . . . It raised sharp questions about whether those responsible for safety at the pool, from staff to city inspectors to state officials, may have neglected their duties.”

More here: Inspectors cleared murky pool, overlooked body. “It’s a safety hazard. If that pool is so murky you couldn’t see the bottom, you couldn’t see that there was a corpse there, then there’s something really wrong with the clarity of that pool.” Ya think?

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