June 29, 2011

THEY REALLY DO SELL EVERYTHING AT AMAZON: Markdowns on high-end lab equipment. Er, and if by some chance you do buy that automated tissue processor, please do it through my link . . . .

UPDATE: Reader Steve Eimers writes that Amazon really does sell everything: “You’re not kidding! I needed a new 32′ ladder for my window cleaning business. I weigh less than 200 pounds but have only ever been able to buy the 32′ ladder locally that was rated for 300 pounders. That ladder is much heavier! Amazon has a 32′ type 2 ladder that weighs much less. When you are carrying around a ladder all day it is nice to have a lighter one.” Well, I weigh 210, so this would even work for me, though happily I don’t need a ladder that long. I think my extension ladder is 24 feet. But yeah, ladders, tissue processors, whatever you need. Except fresh produce, and they’re working on that.

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