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June 20, 2011

THINGS YOU MIGHT HAVE MISSED THIS WEEKEND, if you were out, you know, having a life or something:

More people questioning Administration’s War Powers Act theories.

What happens when Syria explodes.

ATF Gunrunning Scandal Looking More And More Sleazy.

Alex Nunez loves the Prius V.

It’s still not too late to stock up on those deliciously evil incandescent lightbulbs.

Corruption and demosclerosis.

Deep questions about the sanity of at least one Texas judge.

Video: Failed glitter attack on Michele Bachmann.

They told me if I voted for John McCain we’d see savage reprisals against whistleblowers. And they were right!

A bad year for climate science.

Chinese-backed atrocities in Myanmar.

The New York Times’ lame hit piece on Clarence Thomas. And the construction of an ObamaCare “failure narrative.”

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