June 18, 2011

WAPO EDITORIAL: Hey, you know, the action in Libya looks kinda like war to us. Plus this: “The Obama administration’s depiction of its Libya venture as too halfhearted to be covered by the War Powers Resolution contains an unfortunately large dollop of truth. President Obama’s commitment is sufficiently halfhearted to undermine the NATO alliance. It is sufficiently halfhearted, and confused in its statement of purpose and its connection of ends to means, to give Moammar Gaddafi hope that he can hang on. It is not, however, so halfhearted as to justify the administration’s evasion of its legal duties under the war powers law.”

The Post editorial board has now caught up to InstaPundit on March 23: “Waging war halfheartedly, on the cheap, and by committee is not a formula for success.” Some people (well, Joshua Greenman) criticized me at the time for not understanding Obama’s awesome Libya plan. I don’t think that criticism has been borne out by events.

UPDATE: “Oh, settle down. You’re acting like Obama is a Republican.”

ANOTHER UPDATE: Lawmakers mock Obama claim on Libya hostilities.

YET ANOTHER UPDATE: Hugh Hewitt: So When Will Those By-Passed Lawyers Be Resigning? “Bypassing the lawyers you don’t like to get to those who agree with you in fact sounds very Nixonian, but the lawyers Nixon overruled had the decency to quit rather than let their offices be downgraded. Will the lawyers in Team Obama stand by their legal judgment or with their increasingly unilateralist boss?”

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