June 15, 2011

MEN USING WEINER, ETC., TO BASH OTHER MEN: “Remember it’s okay to say one sex is superior to the other as long as you’re saying women are better.” That does seem to be the rule, but as I noted before, these affairs don’t make women look all that good either, really: Schwarzenegger’s paramour was married, and deceived her husband into thinking he fathered someone else’s child, Weiner’s various female fans knew he was married and didn’t care, Rielle Hunter knew John Edwards was married to a woman with cancer, etc., etc. That seems to get left out of these discussions.

Can we call the men who engage in this sort of sucking-up to women “Uncle Tims”?

Plus, from the comments: “I’d like to see the stats on which sex voted in larger proportion for those presumed f***-nuts.”

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