June 15, 2011

LOSERS: So I was briefly in Washington yesterday, and I walked by SEIU headquarters just minutes after hearing that the Wisconsin Supreme Court had upheld Gov. Scott Walker’s bill reining in public employee unions. (And, most painful to the unions, abolishing automatic withholding of dues from employee paychecks, which is what this was really all about.)

So to be clear: They lost in the legislature. They lost in a judicial special election, where union organization should have been decisive. And they lost in the Wisconsin Supreme Court. And in the meantime, they made themselves look like thugs — and, worse, not very scary ones, really, just kind of nasty and pathetic ones — even going so far as to disrupt an award ceremony for Special Olympics kids. So: Losers. If they can’t win in Wisconsin, where can they win?

UPDATE: Wisconsin’s Incredible Shrinking Protests.

Plus, a reader sends this “updated” version of the photo above:

And various other readers wonder if MSNBC will be scolding the SEIU for “abuse” of the flag imagery. . .

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