June 7, 2011

FORBES: U.N. Agreement Should Have All Gun Owners Up In Arms. This must be more of that under-the-radar stuff Obama was talking about. “Former U.N. ambassador John Bolton has cautioned gun owners to take this initiative seriously, stating that the U.N. ‘is trying to act as though this is really just a treaty about international arms trade between nation states, but there is no doubt that the real agenda here is domestic firearms control.’”

UPDATE: Basil Copeland writes that there’s less here than meets the eye:

The article you cited was old news made to look more current. The Bolton quote is from Nov 6, 2009, according to this.

Would it really be “under the radar” for Obama and Clinton to try to push something like through the Senate in an election year? I’d almost dare Obama to do it, because I think the timing would be political suicide.

On the other hand, these sorts of initiatives never really go away, they just go into remission. And the FactCheck piece doesn’t entirely refute the claims made above.

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