June 1, 2011

MICKEY KAUS: Underpants In The Undernews: “Weiner’s latest media foray contains a bit of possibly brilliant misdirection. The press is focusing on his strange statement that he doesn’t know if the photo in question is of him. This does two things for him. First, it distracts attention from the central development, which is that it is a security firm he has hired that is going to do the ‘investigation.’ I guess Sen. Stennis is unavailable. What are the chances that his own firm is going to conclude that he did it? His enemies should concentrate on bringing in the neutral third party he obviously wants to avoid. . . . At this point the greatest evidence of Weiner’s guilt is Weiner’s own damage control effort. Why is he acting so squirrely?”

Maybe the obvious answer is the obvious answer.

UPDATE: Poll: Have you ever sent naked pics?

ANOTHER UPDATE: Donald Trump Weighs In On ‘Weinergate’: ‘He Obviously Knows It’s Him.’

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