June 1, 2011


Related: Anthony Weiner: Don Juan In Hell. “The defensive mixture of entitlement and anger he displayed at the news conference Tuesday in response to many natural questions on his activities is, to put it mildly, unattractive. Like many Lotharios he finds it difficult to ‘man up’ when the pressure is on. His Brooklyn constituents should be ashamed.”

UPDATE: Bad Reviews: Weak: Weiner’s Pal Jon Stewart Plays the ‘Little Dick’ Defense.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader Dan Friedman agrees with Stewart: “As luck would have it, I workout in the same health club as Congressman Weiner. I’ve seen him in the shower and buck naked in the locker room. I can tell you without a doubt this is not a picture of the Congressman Weiner – no, make that the Congressman’s wiener – I know. Not by a long shot.” Maybe he’s just not as glad to see you, Dan.

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