May 22, 2011

TIME FOR A DREAM CANDIDATE? “Mitch Daniels’ announcement that he’s not running for president means Republicans may turn up the pressure on dream candidates like Jeb Bush, Paul Ryan and Chris Christie.”

It’s fine for Republicans to plan on testing their candidates in the primaries — that’s what primaries are for — but a GOP win in 2012 takes more than a candidate. It takes organization on the ground, and money. If the Tea Party movement pulls out all the stops, it can get a Republican elected — and, quite possibly, can force even a wishy-washy Republican to show some semblance of a spine once in office. I’m all for getting the best candidate, of course, but I do think that waiting for a “savior” is a mistake. Dream candidates aren’t just found, they’re made. And the work on that should be going on now.

UPDATE: Reader Jeff Mitchell writes: “I’m not sure about other conservative libertarians, but so far 3 of my dreams have come true… No Huck, no Trump and no Daniels… So far, so good.”

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