May 10, 2011


“We will sit down with the Sears people . . . and I’m sure we’ll work out something that will work for the company, but more importantly for the common good,” [Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn] said.

Hoffman Estates-based Sears reportedly has been in discussions with North Carolina, Texas, Tennessee and New Jersey to move. The news was first reported in the Arlington Heights-based Daily Herald newspaper.

“We do owe it to our associates and shareholders to consider options and alternatives and intend to be very thoughtful and thorough in our deliberations,” a Sears spokesman said in a statement. “It is still very early in the process.”

Hoffman Estates Mayor Bill McLeod said he has been talking to Sears “off and on for the last couple of years because we were aware” that the company’s state and local incentives will expire in 2012. He said he spoke with the governor about the issue several weeks ago.

California state officials recently visited Texas to find out why it keeps eating their economic lunch. Perhaps it’s time for representatives from  Illinois to visit there as well, before not changing any of their anti-business policies.

(H/T: Newsalert.)

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