May 5, 2011

STEPHEN GREEN IS drunkblogging the Republican candidate debate. “I’m the only one in the whole country watching this thing, aren’t I?”

UPDATE: “You know what? Pawlenty is probably the most serious candidate on this stage, but he’s also the most easily forgotten. If that’s a taste of things to come, I suggest his fans look elsewhere — and soon.” Plus, “Final thought? Cain looked presidential. The other GOP candidates… weren’t on the stage tonight.” Luntz’s focus group seemed to agree.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader David Shorrosh writes:

FOX post-debate coverage is confirming the earlier observation that Herman Cain had the most to gain from tonight’s debate. Between the anti-establishment mood and his assertive but approachable answers made everyone except for Ron Paul look like a stuffed suit.

Gonna be interesting how the media crafts their narrative to tear him apart.

Well, if he looks like a threat, they’ll do their best.

MORE: Frank Luntz to focus group: “Why is Barack Obama a ‘socialist’?”

Reply: “Ask Joe the Plumber.” Followed by applause from the rest of the focus group.

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