May 2, 2011

WELL, THIS IS NEW: Crowd Celebrates Bin Laden’s Death For Hours Outside White House. Have we ever had a scene like that?

UPDATE: Reader Robert Morgan writes: “There were jubilant crowds outside the White House on V-J Day, August 14, 1945. Don’t know that it’s happened since.” Yeah, but that’s not quite what I meant. Nobody’s surrendered here — this is just celebrating that we killed a guy. Worth celebrating, of course, but if we’ve ever had anything like that before I can’t remember it.

ANOTHER UPDATE: A military reader emails:

Was watching the news all day from my post here in the greater Afghan theater, and particularly marveling at the reveling crowds. The pattern they seemed to follow was not American in character at all. Mass chanting. Mass singing. Dancing and leaping about. In my office, we were joking that all they needed was to start burning paper flags, hitting photos of bin Laden with shoes, and waving crappy effigies on sticks, and we would have a perfect copy of the archetypal “Arab Street” protest.

Just before I clocked out for the day, they played video of a bunch of frat-boy looking guys in polo shirts lighting photos of Bin Laden on fire. Where did we learn to demonstrate like that?

From watching videos from Gaza, I guess. Maybe they were just trying to speak in a language our adversaries will understand . . ..

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