May 1, 2011

MY SUNDAY WASHINGTON EXAMINER COLUMN: When Jimmy Carter Is Your Best-Case Scenario, You’re In Trouble. “Up to now, comparisons with Carter were a tool of Obama’s critics. From now on, they’re likely to be a tool of his defenders. Because as bad as Carter was, Obama is shaping up to be worse. Much worse.”

UPDATE: From the comments, a haiku:

Obama has failed
The worst President ever
Jimmy Carter smiles!


ANOTHER UPDATE: More haiku from the comments:

Carter competence
with Nixonian ethics
makes worst prez ever


MORE: How bad has it gotten for the lefties? After an extensive — though not exhaustive — list of Obama failures in my column, leftie blogger TBogg weighs in in the comments and all he can come up with is this bit of “racer” nonsense:

Shorter Glenn Reynolds:

I don’t like the black guy.

He’s pretty much eaten alive by the other commenters, but I’ll break out this one:

Yeah, people ain’t ticked because they’re payin’ $5 a gallon for gas, they’re ticked ’cause a black guy is president!

Folks ain’t ticked because they been unemployed for 2 years, they’re ticked ’cause a black guy is president!

And nobody’s ticked because they had a sh*tty health care “reform” plan stuffed down their throats last year (for which exemptions are being handed out right and left to the main advocate’s pals and cronies) they’re all ticked ’cause a black guy is president!

Hey, I’ll bet you if by next year we’re all living in lean-to’s and searching for discarded pizza in dumpsters, we’ll all be ticked; not because of that, but because a black guy is presdient!

Because heaven knows, nobody would be bothered by any of this kind of stuff if a white guy was president, right?

When even the miserable partisan hacks can’t come up with anything better than a naked race-card play, you know that . . . well, that Jimmy Carter is the best-case scenario.

MORE: Terry Hinshaw emails: “Not surprisingly, Andrew Sullivan doesn’t much care for your critique of Obama. Note, however, his concluding paragraph which I suspect is his initial, tentative step toward accusing you of being a racist.”

Between now and 2012, everyone will be a racist for 15 minutes. It’s all they’ve got, as they try to defend this miserable failure of a President, and those charges are just an admission that they have nothing else. See the response from the commenter above, which disposes of them entirely. And isn’t it just a bit sad for Andrew to be following, however tentatively, in the footsteps of a TBogg blog comment? Come on, Andrew — raise your game!

But wait, wasn’t Andrew critiquing Obama harshly just a little while ago? “A congressional vote is also important to rein in the imperial presidency that Obama has now taken to a greater height then even Bush.” Was that racist? Never mind. He was praising Bush more effusively than I ever did, right up until he started calling me a Nazi for not joining him in Bush-hatred and Iraq war cut-and-run policies. He’s excitable, you know.

Meanwhile, speaking of “derangement,” how’s that whole Sarah-Palin’s-uterus thing going for you, Andrew?

And yeah, now I’ll get the usual 500 “ignore Andrew Sullivan” emails. But every once in a while, you have to note things for the record.

Plus, a great PhotoShop.

MORE STILL: Reader James Merriner writes:

I believe I am the only writer in the country who has covered both Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama in their hometowns during their time in state government–as well as their presidential campaigns. They were probably the most intelligent politicians, in terms of raw IQ, I have covered, so their failures in office should tell us something about what constitutes intelligence in democratic leadership. My conclusions: (1) Neither trusted the voters enough to tell them the truth. (2) They were right to do so because the voters initially bought their myths.


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