April 10, 2011

MARK STEYN: “What with all the budget talk, I was just wondering whether that third war – or kinetic scope-limited whatchamacallit – was still going. You remember, it was in all the papers for a couple of days. So I guess things have gone quiet because it’s all wrapped up now? Apparently not. . . . If you wanted to devise a forlorn emblem of the impotence of the hyperpower, this non-war for non-victory is hard to beat.”

UPDATE: Gaddafi Forces Besiege Rebels in Ajdabiya. “Scarcely three weeks after the U.S. military launched Operation Odyssey Dawn, the war in Libya is beginning to look like President Obama’s worst failure to date.”

As I said: “Waging war halfheartedly, on the cheap, and by committee is not a formula for success.”

Some criticized me for this position at the time, but it appears to be being borne out, as it generally is. War seldom rewards half measures.

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