April 7, 2011

BYRON YORK: Obama Pays Tribute To Al Sharpton. “Sharpton’s organization has done more than just fight injustice and inequality. The National Action Network has also been a key part of Sharpton’s unorthodox finances after Sharpton’s image-damaging roles in the Tawana Brawley hoax, the Crown Heights riot, the Freddie’s Fashion Mart killings and other infamous episodes. The non-profit Network is reportedly part of a web of organizations that allows Sharpton to live and prosper while claiming to have virtually no assets. . . . None of that, and certainly none of Sharpton’s involvement in events like the Brawley hoax, was the subject of discussion when President Obama took the podium to sing Sharpton’s praises Wednesday. Although Obama kept some distance from Sharpton in the 2008 presidential campaign, 2012 is approaching, and, having alienated many independent voters, Obama needs a strong turnout from his base.”

UPDATE: Reader Todd Hester writes: “Glenn, if Terry Jones is directly responsible for the rioting deaths in Afghanistan, what all is Al Sharpton directly responsible for?”

Turning out black voters in 2012, I think. . . .

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