March 21, 2011

AARON WORTHING: Please stop with the Libyan schadenfreude. Oh, I’m not that reasonable. Watching the people who savaged Bush and called his supporters warmongers and so on now faced with watching the Lightbringer doing basically the same thing, only less competently, is too good a pleasure to forego. Sorry. I hope that things will go well, but I agree with Niall Ferguson that Obama’s dithering has cost us. If we had elected a more competent President, we’d have fewer worries. But people got excited about Obama, and, well, this is what you get when you elect an inexperienced guy with no great interest — or any experience — in international relations.

UPDATE: A musician-reader emails, asking anonymity:

I’ve really been enjoying your take on things since the bombing in Libya started this weekend, even more than I normally do. For eight long years, well-meaning people on the right have been accused of all manner of hate, dishonesty, stupidity, and wickedness, from a bunch of people who believe their own neighbors are the primary cause of suffering in the world. So I say, don’t hold back. Keep on rubbing it in. I might enjoy it even more than I already do If the whole situation weren’t so pathetic.

Since the bombing started, I’ve made a mental note to keep my eye out for my Facebook friends to chime in about Libya. I know they’re not bashful about political subjects; every five minutes they post another link to another story about the plight of those poor teachers’ unions in Wisconsin, or poor, poor NPR and the threat from those GOP meanies. So far, since the bombing started on Saturday, I’ve counted a grand total of one post about Libya, and even it was on the subject of missing journalists. I can barely contain my disgust.


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