March 17, 2011


One person arrested at Wednesday’s protests at the Capitol was armed with a weapon and faces felony charges, Michigan State Police said.

State Police troopers arrested 14 people during a rowdy protest of Gov. Rick Snyder’s budget bills. One of them was a man who allegedly broke into the Capitol through a window and assaulted officers, state police said. The man was armed with a sharp-edged weapon, state police said.

Remember all that talk about the importance of civility and tone? Me neither.

UPDATE: Reader Eugene Dillenburg writes:

Just watched the local Lansing TV news on the aftermath of Wednesday’s protests and arrests. Key points:

* Lansing Mayor (and failed Dem. gubernatorial candidate) Virg Bernero addressed the crowd at Wednesday’s rally and told them you won’t be arrested for protesting.

* A short time later, with the rally in full swing and protesters marching and chanting, the Lansing police left the scene. A spokesman later said they felt the State Police on the scene had things well in hand.

* On Thursday, the Lansing chief of police admitted that was a mistake and they should have stayed. The TV reporter asked her, point blank, seven times: did Mayor Bernero talk to you or have any input into the decision to pull the police out? The chief refused to answer yes or no, simply reiterating that she made the decision.

* The State Police have said that the 14 people arrested after the rally was over, mostly for trespassing for refusing the leave the capitol building, were not part of the union rally. The only one I have seen identified is a college student from Detroit; the others I saw on television appeared to be of a similar age.


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