February 28, 2011

YOU CAN SEE WHY TEA PARTY PROTESTERS WORRY THE COPS MIGHT TAKE SIDES: L.A. Police Union Urges Members to ‘Stand in Solidarity’ with SEIU and MoveOn.Org. The folks at BoingBoing seem to like it that the Wisconsin cops are siding with protesters, but where’s the reason for trust from those who feel otherwise? Do we want police to take sides in political disputes?

Apparently some do. This is why (1) you should always bring a camera; and (2) public employee unions should be illegal. If union protesters turn violent — as they increasingly have — can you trust pro-union police to intervene?

UPDATE: Charlie Martin emails: “You might recall that when Alex Jones and his mob was attacking Michelle Malkin — and giving me a blind-side kidney shot as I protected her — the Denver police were not interested in intervening in the slightest. I eventually got an apology from the DPD, but if Jones had the physical strength to match his mouth I’d have been peeing blood.”

Plus, related thoughts from Walter Olson.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Here’s the video of Alex Jones attacking Michelle Malkin. Andrew Marcus emails: “The part with Alex Jones starts at 2:39, and it really is something to behold.” Indeed. I remember this, and Jones will forever be defined for me by this incoherent, loudmouthed bullying behavior, threatening a woman less than half his size. What a pathetic loser.

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