February 27, 2011

WISCONSIN: MEADE IS THE NEW MEDIA. “And watch for the indications that the police are on the protesters’ side.”

UPDATE: Related: “There is hate in their eyes.” “These are people who don’t respect diverse viewpoints. In fact, they’re so afraid I’ll present a diverse viewpoint, that’s why they try to heckle me and shut down every live shot. They’ve made it clear, that what they want to make it harder for me to do my job. They are proud of that when they disrupt a live shot, when they really trample over the First Amendment rights or the First Amendment’s obligations of a reporter. Now, I am not saying that’s all of the people. Those are the people that come here and heckle and try to disrupt things. I look in their eyes – there is hate in their eyes. They don’t want to hear any kind of viewpoint that is different from their own. That’s why they do what they do.”

ANOTHER UPDATE: “The left hates violence. Unless they lose an election, that is.” “Now the most interesting thing about this stuff is this is going up on the net, right on twitter. No attempt to hide it, spoken openly. . . . because the left counts on the media to ignore it.”

MORE: V Is For Vitriol.

STILL MORE: Union Chief Doesn’t Condemn Comparisons of Wisconsin’s Walker to Hitler.

MORE STILL: Reader Phil Dean emails:

I don’t think it’s fair to presume that the police in the clip are “on the protesters’ side”. What he said was, “All these people have decided that they are working with us to help with their protest.”

Police “work with” protest groups of all political stripes to manage events. That does not equal any kind of endorsement. It also seems from what the cop says that he seems to assume that Meade is actually one of the union protesters.

Eh, good point.

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