February 22, 2011

NEW YORK POST: Columbia’s Dishonor: School Stained By Students Jeering Vet:

They teach many things at Columbia University — but common decency appears not to be among them. Nor how to recognize personal honor.

Consider the treatment given last week to Anthony Maschek, a Purple Heart combat vet of the Iraq war, when he spoke up in support of a return of reserve officer training to Columbia after a 40-plus-year absence. It was, in a word, disgraceful.

Maschek, a former US Army staff sergeant, was hospitalized for two years as he recuperated from 11 gunshot wounds received in a firefight near Kirkuk.

As The Post’s Annie Karni reported Sunday, he’s now a freshman economics major at the Ivy League school. Not surprising, he supports a return of ROTC to Columbia — the program having been banished during the anti-Vietnam War student tantrums of the ’60s. . . . The response? Laughter.


And the usual sophistries about gay rights, economic justice, America’s hobnailed boots, whatever — the same bushwa dragged out by the academy whenever it feels the need to deflect attention from the obvious, which is that it hates the military and has for more than a generation.

Yeah, so much for blaming Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. It seems that our politics are achieving new levels of clarity these days.

UPDATE: A reader points out that they applauded Ahmadinejad.

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