February 19, 2011

READER BOB WIRKA SENDS THIS PICTURE from the Madison Tea Party rally in support of Gov. Walker. I like the sign that says “Teach Economics 101.”

UPDATE: More photos and reports at Gateway Pundit. There are thousands present — and they weren’t given the day off from work to attend.


Thousands gathered outside of the state capitol this afternoon to support Gov. Scott Walker. Teachers and firefighters circled the tea party as it rallied. Gadsden flags clashed with union banners in the cold Wisconsin air. It was a beautiful sight — loud, raucous, animated, and sweaty. So far, Andrew Breitbart, Herman Cain, Brad Thor, Tim Phillips, and Joe the Plumber have addressed the crowd.

Joe the Plumber’s question turns out to have been the most salient of the 2008 campaign, though I suppose the frantically hostile reaction to him should have made that clear at the time.

MORE: Jim Treacher emails: “Joe the Plumber was the canary in the coal mine, wasn’t he? That whole mess was the first sign that Obama was willing to roll over average people to get what he wants. If only he had as much contempt for America’s enemies as he does for Americans who stand in his way.”

STILL MORE: The left is losing this battle, and they know it.

Plus, another crowd photo, from Twitpic.

MORE STILL: A high-school friend emails:

Something occurred to me a couple of days ago.

Watching the unions and their allies wage such a ( possibly ) losing pitched battle in the heart of Progressivism, Madison WI, reminded me of Pickett’s Charge. Is this the high water mark of Liberal America? Will their push be broken? Is the tide turning? All eyes seem turned to the Wisconsin Capital, waiting for a result.

Just like 1863, there will be years of hard fighting still ahead to save our country, but we need a “Sherman”s March” through the institutions, systematically dismantling the Statist Confederacy that has enslaved the tax payers of these United States. I am for freedom of all kinds. Go Tea Party!

From Gramsci to Sherman in two generations.

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