February 19, 2011

REPORT: Handing out bogus medical excuses to striking Wisconsin teachers. If the doctor involved is actually signing these, he should be brought before the medical licensing board. I would imagine that criminal prosecution is possible, too. And if his name is being forged, then somebody else is a criminal. Either way, if teachers turn in excuses signed by Dr. Shropshire, further inquiry is merited . . .

More on the doctors-handing-out-bogus-excuses story here, with video. And, of course, Ann Althouse has been on this story, too.

UPDATE: Another physician finds this unprofessional. “Is it really his position that he is conducting medical examinations in the midst of thousands of people while attaining a right to privacy? One of the most important things in a genuine patient/physician interaction is honesty and this dude is dishonest! . . . He has abrogated his professional responsibility for political expediency.”

ANOTHER UPDATE: Giving Andrew Breitbart a note to miss work. At this point, the doctors seem to be worrying a bit more about how this may look. A bit late. . . .

MORE: Tapeworms.

STILL MORE: Charlie Martin is most displeased.

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