February 13, 2011

A DEEPLY DISCOUNTED radio-controlled helicopter. Hey, from $129 to $29 counts as “deep” in my book.

UPDATE: Reader Ron Drees writes: “Hey Glenn, my son bought two of these (since he just came off the rolls of the unemployed!) and we have our own mid air battles in the kitchen. At $30 each, you should do the same and challenge the Instadaughter, since her superior hand – eye coordination will soon overcome your experience and treachery!”

And reader Stewart Greathouse emails: “I bought one for myself at Christmas. I showed it to my coworkers, they were astounded at the quality and stability. We ended up buying 12 more. I gave one to my son at college, plus I sent 2 to my nephews in Singapore. Way better than Airhogs!”

And yeah, I cracked and ordered one. (Bumped, because people seem to like this).

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