February 11, 2011

MUBARAK has resigned.

UPDATE: Interestingly, the Shah of Iran was also forced out on February 11. Let’s hope this isn’t an omen.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Military coup. On Facebook, lawprof Eric Muller comments: “It’s interesting, and to this American pair of eyes a bit odd, to see a nation cheering deliriously at the prospect of military control of the government.” Well, when the military is your most respected institution. . . .

MORE: Thoughts from Donald Sensing.

MORE STILL: Reader Jason Muckenthaler writes: “Contrast Obama’s reaction to the military ‘coup’ in Honduras with the coup in Egypt – no wonder our allies are confused.”

Also, The Anchoress notes that February 11 is the day Nelson Mandela was freed.

And hey, it’s also Sarah Palin’s birthday. So there’s your omen roundup.

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