January 26, 2011

PRESIDENT BARACK GRANHOLM. “‘We need a moon shot,’ said Granholm in the Huffington Post. ‘This is our Sputnik moment,’ echoed the president on Tuesday. . . . Granholm envisioned a transformation of Michigan from Rust Belt to ‘Green Belt’ with massive, European-like, public investments in infrastructure and alternative energy. ‘In five years, you’ll be blown away,’ she predicted in what would become her signature line. Ironically, thousands of state jobs were blown away as Granholm’s vision diverted pols’ attention from much-needed reforms to the state’s budget and business climate. Since her speech in 2006, the state’s unemployment rate has exploded from 7.4 percent to 11.4.” America as Greater Michigan? Well, Michigan’s been okay for the pols and their cronies — though lately, even that’s not so true anymore.

UPDATE: Winning The Future!

MORE: “WTF Was Spot-On… There Were a Lot of WTF Moments In That Speech.”

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