January 21, 2011


Or as some call him, he who must not be named.

UPDATE: Reader Adam Kiwiatkowski emails: “His viewer is going to be bummed.”

And, apparently, Comcast has now become the evilest corporation on the planet.

Plus, from Don Surber:

The FCC just approved GE’s sale of MSNBC’s parent company — NBC/Universal — to Comcast. The Obama administration just hired GE’s CEO to a big position.

I think some moves are being made behind the scene.

Hey, Olbermann, this was the president you wanted.

He was a useful idiot for a while. Now he’s no longer useful. Expect to see more of this kind of thing.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Goodbye to one of the world’s worst people.

MORE: Top 10 New Job Suggestions For Keith Olbermann. My favorite: “Audition for the part of the creepy gym teacher on MTV’s ‘Skins.'”

I was only on Olbermann’s show once, on election night 2004, when he was still more or less sane.

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