January 12, 2011

OH, THAT’S RICH: Person Tweeting Death-Wish for Palin Now Wants Privacy.

There are two principles at issue. First, there is no expectation of privacy as to death wishes. Second, there is no expectation of privacy on Twitter.

Sorry lady, you’ll have to live with the consequences of your Tweet, because even if YouTube takes down the video, we all have screen shots.

Have you noticed how these people are all about the airbrushing? Plus, from the comments: “Twitter seems to be very effective, in a raw Darwinian sort of way, at identifying the true morons, doesn’t it?”

Related: Palin Getting Death Threats At Unprecedented Levels. I blame Paul Krugman. When will he apologize for his eliminationist rhetoric?

UPDATE: Reader Paul Stinchfield writes: “The Dutch libertarian Pim Fortuyn was assassinated by a Green Party member. The murder was the direct result of an intense campaign of lies by the European Left to demonize Fortuyn as some sort of neo-Nazi who institute a fascist state and a campaign of ethnic cleansing.” Yes, you’d think Europeanists like Krugman would be paying attention.

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