January 12, 2011


Does Rep. King think that this law would have done anything to prevent the shooting of Rep. Giffords? Does he honestly think that Jared Loughner would’ve surrendered his firearm, or admitted to carrying it, if confronted within 1,000 feet of the congresswoman? Would he set up TSA-like checkpoints just in order to attend a town hall or other public event for any representative of the people, which is what it would take to enforce this law? Of course not. In fact, the only person we know for sure who admitted to carrying on the scene is Joe Zamudio, a civilian buying cigarettes in a Walgreen’s in the same shopping center — perhaps within 1,000 feet? — who ran to the sound of the gunfire and helped subdue the assailant.
Congratulations, Rep. King — you just made it easier for the bad guys.

King’s law is classic political idiocy of the worst sort: legislation timed to exploit outrage while doing nothing to solve a problem. If passed into law, it would disarm the law-abiding citizen, turn your average hunter into a criminal if they wandered into the wrong parking lot, and provide no barrier whatsoever to would-be assassins.

King should be ashamed of himself for trying to exploit this tragedy. And doubly ashamed of himself for the intellectual failure — and bloated self-importance — that this bill represents.

Ann Althouse has related comments:

Because the murder-free-zone law that protects the rest of us is just not working well enough. The high officials need a double layer of legal protection.

So when you gun-carriers are out and about, you’ll to have make sure you know who all the relevant officials are and where they are at all times and stay 1,000 feet away from there. And if, while you’re standing back out of the zone, somebody else, some non-respecter of gun-free zones, pulls out a gun and starts shooting, make sure you don’t cross the 1,000 foot line when you try to take out the shooter.

Indeed. And from the comments: “Let’s make more rules highlighting the difference between the Elite Class and everyone else. That will help with civility.”

Also: “Let’s make it illegal to bring a microphone within 1,000 feet of a Congressman.” Now you’re talking.

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