January 9, 2011

ED MORRISSEY: The shame — and hypocrisy — of CNN. “CNN clearly didn’t inadvertently cross the line once, but repeatedly kept insisting on a link between the shooting and political activism on the Right, especially Palin’s.” CNN’s coverage could be fairly described as “hate speech,” couldn’t it? Because that’s what blood libel is.

Plus this: “Contra David Frum, I don’t see this as a particular moment to reflect on ‘extreme political rhetoric,’ since there’s nothing to connect political rhetoric from either side of the political spectrum to this crime. I wouldn’t even call for reflection on the continued sales of Mein Kampf or The Communist Manifesto, even though the suspect credits both of these as among his favorites, as they have no causal connection to the actions of a lunatic. Perhaps, though, this is a good moment to reflect on those who rush to exploit tragedy in an attempt to bully political activists into silence.”

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