January 3, 2011

DOWN ON BLOOMBERG: Botching The Basics: Mike’s Municipal Meltdown. “[Bloomberg] has been spending far too much time on ephemera — lately, the alleged evils of political partisanship — and not nearly enough on the basics of municipal governance. And, as a result, he got his pants pulled down by a gaggle of mutinous garbagemen. . . . Bloomberg should fire John Doherty, the sanitation commissioner, but he won’t — just as he refused to fire Nick Scopetta as fire commissioner after gross management failures at the FDNY conspired to kill two firefighters at the old Deutsche Bank building three years ago. In Mike’s World, a fired commissioner would be a public confession that the mayor himself has failed. But last week’s mess owns Mike Bloomberg. The label ‘failure” is stamped squarely in the middle of his forehead. The fact that Manhattan bike lanes had been hand shoveled clear to the pavement before a lot of outerborough avenues had seen their first plow demonstrates yet again that Bloomberg has lost interest in core mayoral duties — as if more evidence is necessary.”

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