December 28, 2010

STACY MCCAIN WONDERS WHY I’M NOT DOING BETTER in Andrew Sullivan’s Malkin Award poll. Maybe it’s because both Stacy McCain and Andrew Sullivan are, for reasons of their own, misrepresenting my quote — which was about nuking North Korea in the event of a full-scale border-crossing invasion, thus placing me squarely in line with Bill Clinton’s position, which was that we should erase North Korea from the map of the world in such an event. One expects such chiseling dishonesty from Sullivan, and such impishness from McCain (and, of course, both are trolling for links), but apparently Sullivan’s readers are harder to fool than you might think.

Meanwhile, I note the irony that the “Yglesias Award’ — that’s supposed to be the good one — is named for a guy who advocated lying on Twitter, and who calls people with whom he disagrees Nazis and tells them “Fuck You.” What has Malkin done to compare? Oh, right, she’s a Republican.

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