December 23, 2010

CATHY YOUNG ON Julian Assange, Feminism, and Rape. “Once, feminist reformers rightly fought against laws that required a rape victim to fight her attacker ‘to the utmost.’ But removing any element of actual or threatened force from the crime of rape makes it too easy to criminalize miscommunications and morning-after regrets.” If morning-after regrets are a ground for rape charges, many, many women can expect to be targeted in the future. . . .

Plus this:

Earlier generations of feminists argued that rape should be treated the same as any other violent crime: The victim should not be subjected to special standards of resistance or chastity. These days, the demand for special treatment is so blatant that some activists openly support abolishing the presumption of innocence for rape cases and requiring the accused to prove consent (a proposal Valenti cites with obvious approval). In an ironic twist, these activists actually seem to hold women in very little esteem: in their world, women are too timid to push a man away if he won’t take no for an answer and too addled to know that they have been raped.

It’s as if the whole thing is some sort of political shell game with no concern for justice or equality at all.

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