December 3, 2010

JAMES JOYNER ON PASSPORT SNOBBERY. “Jetting between New York, Paris, London, Rome, and Barcelona and keeping company with people just like you can reinforce provincialism rather than breaking it down.”

I did a radio show with a German journalist a while back, whose response to my Tea Party commentary was to ask if I had a passport. She was surprised to hear that I lived in Germany as a child while my dad taught at Heidelberg. She was surprised because — despite the fact that she possessed a German passport and was living in the United States — she entertained uninformed cardboard stereotypes of Americans. So travel clearly hadn’t broadened her. It’s also worth noting that while the European upper-class travels a lot, middle- and lower-class Europeans travel less even within their own countries. Meanwhile, many red-state Americans travel all over the world via military service or missionary work.

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