November 3, 2010

ERIC SCHEIE: How many legs are under the Tea Party stool?

UPDATE: David Kirkham emails:

I don’t know about 3 legs. The Utah Tea Party doesn’t talk about that. Our stool only has one big stake driven deep into the bedrock.

Quit spending all the money!

I like that one.

ANOTHER UPDATE: From the comments to Eric Scheie’s post, a warning to libertarians:

I was a three term Republican Precinct Chairman from George W’s first run for Governor until I retired from active politics due to my health. I say this because I have a certain amount of experience in working politics.

During those three terms I noticed who did what. The Country Club Republicans put up most of the money and provided meeting places. Important.

The religeous right provided a lot of work. It was they that walked precincts and they that worked phone banks. Very important.

The libertarians talked. The libertarians also complained. They were always too busy taking and complaining to do any work.

Perhaps things are different now, I don’t know. I have been retired for twelve years. Yet from what I have read, it’s still the same, the RR folks working, the CC folks contributing and the libertarians talking about how the other two groups are RUINING EVERYTHING!!!!!111!!!

I would like to say that this has changed for I have a pretty big “leave me alone” streak when it comes to politics. I got involved through my work with a shooting club, the 2A is my big issue. Yet I see no trace of a change. The libertarian wing will suck the hind tit until y’all stop talking and start working.

I know that Eric was out going door-to-door, though.

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